Do You Want to Know Why?

Happy Tree Climing Day

Now you know why!

When I was looking for a logo design for Funtiques Market I knew I wanted to find a Fun Design that reflected the business and myself.  After an extensive search I finally found the Blond Hair, Blue Eyed Pop Art Face you find on my Cards and other Promo pieces.  I was a mischievous child full of  questions, laughter and conversation.  I really have not changed
that much except I now have to pay for blond hair. 
My logo makes me smile and I think it is
a true reflection of the Fun we have at Funtiques Market.  Now you know why!

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Holloween 1968


I was 10 years old in 1968.  Halloween for me was a stressful occasion.  I loved the whole costume thing but stressed out about it being awesome.  I always wanted my Mom to buy me a packaged costumes with the cool plastic masks.  Every kid did!!  A couple of times my Mom broke down and bought me one. I think I had a Casper the Friendly Ghost costume and a 101 Dalmatian Dog.  At the time I thought I was really something in those costumes.  looking back the costumes never fit right, the mask made your face sweat, you couldn’t breath and it was hard to see with only tiny holes for your eyes.  I am sure a ran into a few trees and tripped over curbs wearing them.  It’s a miracle I survived.  I never had special buckets for our candy.  We used pillow cases.  We lived on a dark dead-end street with very light (that contributed to the running into trees).  In many cities today children Trick or Treat in the daylight.  It makes for a lot safer environment but now as fun.   We didn’t mind the dark it only added to the whole Fun, Spooky, Halloween Experience.  We knew everyone on our street and they were all expecting to see us in our costumes.  We always knew which house passed out  the good candy and which dreaded the “Apple House”.  All in all Halloween was one of my favorite Holidays.  Are you ready?  I have fun vintage clothes and costumes for your Halloween Event.  Stop by Funtiques to check out our costumes and share your Halloween Memory

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Funtiques is now blogging!

Funtiques is so savvy!  Now we have Facebook, Etsy, Twitter and our new blog!

It all started 20 years ago in the little town of Greenville PA (population approx. 5000).  My husband Kevin happened upon our first Estate Sale in that town and decided to take a look around.  And then we saw it!!!!!  It was a formica and chrome table under a pile of dishes and kitch items.  We didn’t see any chairs but the mint green design with cute flowers at the end captured our attention so we asked if it was for sale.  It was!!  And there were chairs too!!!!  So we bought the table and 6 chairs for $50.00(even tho we did not need a table and chairs and had no room for it).  I loved the set so much that we squeezed it into our attic bedroom and built the room around a kitch theme.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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